# Formatting

Below are recommendations for formatting your post on the Steem blockchain. Authors in particular might find this helpful.

# Use summary as first paragraph

When publishing a new post, it is advice to put a summary of the post as the opening paragraph of your post. This not only gives your readers an informative overview of your post, but also serves as matter to be used as meta description content for SEO purposes.

# Write in markdown whenever possible

Using markdown reduced the size of your post, with minimal lost of the initial markup. This reduction in content size is generally a good thing for health of the Steem Blockchain. With a smaller sized Blockchain, the lower the cost to Witnesses and the faster the experience for all users.

# Use external image hosts

While it is possible to encode images into base64 and write them directly in posts content, this approach is generally front upon an highly discouraged as it could lead to a drastic increase in content size, which would affect the speed of the entire Blockchain.

It is therefore advised that users use external image hosting platform such as Steem DS, IPSF or Daoed to store such files.

# Quality

# Images

If possible, use images from stock images sites, images which are of high quality and also do not infringement on copyright.

# Proof-reading

There are some grammar and writing style utilities such as Grammarly, you might want to install these on the devices you use to create your content as they help in catching common and embarrassing grammatical errors.

Content published on Steem would remain indefinitely, even after your lifetime, unless you alter it in your lifetime. Also, should you unfortunately loose your account keys, then they are there indefinitely. You might want to proof-read your article to prevent the possible perpetual embarrassment of your future self.

# Linking

When linking to external sites, it is advised to use link to only SSL enabled(https) sites for the sake of security. Also, be sure you want to link to that site, as once you publish, the content will remain live indefinitely, till you take it down.

In the case you do not take it down before your lifetime, it would remain indefinitely.


Steem is a Blockchain, that makes it impossible for anyone to remove the work of others. However, beware that these Steem content needs a client to be widely publicly accessible.

The general approach adopted by clients is to blacklist accounts and infringing contents from their clients. If you are Digital Millennium Copyright Act (or DMCA) offender or intend to do that with the Steem blockchain, you will have little success.