# Introduction

Steem SDK is a Steem developer resource site maintained by the Steem Institute. This site mainly features documentation of Steem related libraries, specifications of the Steem API and recommended practices.

If you are a prospective investor, business or content producer and need help getting started, you might want to visit Steem Studios. If you are looking for an upto date blog on Steem developments and guides, visit Steem Beginner.

# Disclosure

This site is maintained by Steem Institute with funding by Steem Studios. We are NOT supported by Steem SPS hence is neither a community-run nor community-funded project.

To that end, we can only do so much with our limited resources, and would focus primarily on open source projects by the Steem Institute. We will not be able to document all the works of third parties; authors are free to submit representation for their work through a PR. We reserve the right to accept, modify or reject any such applications at anytime.

We may also feature or promote solutions by Steem Studios.

# Community

Steem Studios has a Slack community where you can join to meet with our team as well as other Steemians. You can ask questions there, get help and make connections.

# Business solutions

If you are developing a DApp on the Steem Blockchain and need business solutions, Steem Studios has solutions for you.